Never-ending story

Before penning the Oscar-winning lyrics to “La La Land” and securing a Tony for “Dear Evan Hansen,” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were warning audiences about the inherent dangers of the Red Ryder air rifle. Their score will be on display during “A Christmas Story Live,” a star-studded live version of the 2009 Broadway production, based on the 1983 movie.

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An expendable

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been spending his golden years sending up his action-hero status, most notably in the critically acclaimed comedy “JCVD.” The Muscles From Brussels pushes the joke a bit too far in “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” a new series in which he plays a has-been star — swinging away in a ridiculous adaptation of “Huck Finn” — who’s really an undercover operative madly in love with his handler. Neither persona packs much of a punch, but it’s a hoot to watch Phylicia Rashad as Van Damme’s no-nonsense agent.

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Tears of a clown

Filmmakers often use documentaries to work out issues with their parents, a tradition carried on by Lorenzo Pisoni in “Circus Kid,” a not-so-poignant look at his relationship with his father, Larry Pisoni, a founder of the Pickle Family Circus. Larry helped prepare Bill Irwin and Geoff Hoyle for stardom, but nearly destroyed his bond with his impressionable son. The clips may not inspire you to run away with the circus, but you may end up hugging your dad a little tighter than usual.

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