Paint by numbers

Both the work and the personality of an artistic genius are on display in “Picasso: A Museum Reborn,” a documentary about the reopening of the stunning Picasso Museum in Paris. It’s a nice primer for the even more revealing “Picasso: A Legacy,” which premieres next Thursday. While you may not be interested in the often sordid details of Picasso’s life, the glorious paintings well-exhibited in both films should have you itching to visit your art institute of choice.

6 p.m., Ovation

Carolina on mind

The idea of “Top Chef” being based out of the Twin Cities may have seemed ludicrous at one point, but since Season 14 is taking place solely in South Carolina, is it too much to ask that producers consider coming our way? The move to Charleston didn’t stop Graham Elliot from joining the panel of rotating judges.

9 p.m., Bravo

Back from the shore

Snooki, she of “Jersey Shore” fame, surfaces to watch one of her adventures re-imagined as an animated short in “Greatest Party Story Ever ... and Other Epic Tales,” the series that is returning for its second season. In a future episode, hip-hop artist Travis Mills recalls how he once got a tattoo to avoid getting married. Any chance the tattoo read “Snooki Forever”?

10 p.m., MTVNeal Justin