Tiffany collection

"Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready" gives the red-hot comic an opportunity to spotlight some of her peers still waiting for their big breaks. You can see why she's so enthusiastic about the talent showcased in these six stand-up specials, including ex-Minnesotan Tracey Ashley. Also check out Aida Rodriguez, who reveals why women never march with the KKK and why Puerto Ricans swear better than anyone else.

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Bum rap

Jay-Z is one of the executive producers behind "Free Meek," a docuseries about rapper Meek Mill's ongoing battle with the Philadelphia justice system. Early episodes will have you chanting the project's title — although, to be fair, you don't really get law enforcement's side of the story.

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Cold cases

"Mysteries Decoded," the latest effort to create a detective series without an actual TV detective, uses newly discovered evidence and high-tech tools to shine a new light on everything from the Bermuda Triangle to the Salem witch trials. Somewhere out there, Lt. Columbo is feeling neglected.

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Neal Justin