Witchy woman

The second season of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is packed with even more chills as our heroine (spooky good Kiernan Shipka) gets more in touch with her dark side, to the point where she even contemplates burning down her school. Still, it’s a stretch to think the demons are any match for the former “Mad Men” terror. Note to the Dark Lord: Just using a deep voice doesn’t make you scary.

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Handling the truth

CBS’ passions for the military and crime procedurals mesh nicely in “The Code,” a promising new drama in which attorneys for the Marines duke it out over the Case of the Week. The first episode borrows a little too much from “A Few Good Men,” but stars Luke Mitchell and Anna Wood have crackling chemistry in and out of the courtroom.

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Nature calls

The docuseries “Our Planet” is really just a continuation of “Planet Earth” with David Attenborough still on board as the bowled-over narrator. The photography, captured on some 50 countries over a four-year period, is so stunning you probably won’t realize that you’re not learning very much.

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Neal Justin