Better off dead

Given up on "The Walking Dead"? Consider switching your loyalties to "iZombie," a procedural so engaging it makes brain eating seem as amiable as a jaunt to Burger King. Rose McIver, who has the most mesmerizing deadpan expressions on television, is back as the coroner with a craving for justice and flesh. The plot can get a little off track, but her committed performance never is.

8 p.m., WUCW, Ch. 23

Give me a break

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is alive and more or less well in a nine-episode return to "Prison Break" that features a whole new set of escape plans. Despite the original show's cult status, I'm not sure fans were crying out for another round. While the premise is strained — Scofield has entrapped himself in a Yemeni jail for reasons that are tougher to crack than the Arabic language — the two-fisted action sequences still have a pulse.

8 p.m., KMSP, Ch. 9

A new leaf

The seasons can officially change, at least for preschoolers, with the release of "Tumble Leaf Spring-a-Ling Surprise," in which everyone helps Bloom the bunny search for his lost eggs. The series has won eight Daytime Emmy Awards, including outstanding preschool children's animated program two years in a row.

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Neal Justin