Back in the ballpark

In the show’s third season, “Brockmire” star/creator Hank Azaria (man of a thousand voices on “The Simpsons”) lands his smack-talking baseball announcer title character in Oakland, where he’s finally working the big leagues following a belated stint in recovery. Bonus: Bob Costas is due for a guest appearance this season in this doozy of a sports comedy.

9 p.m. IFC

His fiercest weapon is small talk

Minnesotans tuning in for FX’s ghoulish new sitcom “What We Do in the Shadows” will be all too familiar with Colin Robinson, a vampire who sucks the energy out of his victims with tedious small talk. Actor Mark Proksch based the characters on the nine-to-fivers he met while working temp jobs in Minneapolis. “I pray to God those people don’t know it’s them,” he recently told the Star Tribune. Read our interview with Proksch at

The son also rises

Since its debut a half-century ago, the live-action Japanese show “Ultraman” — from the creator of Godzilla — has led to several sequels and spinoffs. At the heart of the franchise is the story of a gigantic superbeing who defends Earth from monsters and alien invasions. This iteration, an animated series based on a currently running manga sequel, shifts focus to the original superhero’s son, who, whether he likes it or not, has inherited his father’s powers.

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