Dan the man

Against all odds, Dan Rather has transformed from stuffy news anchor to baby boomer rock's greatest fanboy. No one is going to mistake "The Big Interview" as hip, but Rather brings out the best in his seventh-season lineup, which starts off with Journey frontman Steve Perry.

7 p.m. AXS

Lost legend

"Seau," which premiered last year on an ESPN streaming service, doesn't romanticize the rise and fall of NFL great Junior Seau as brain damage slowly destroys his upbeat personality. Kirby Bradley's documentary, finally available to cable viewers, may make you think twice before allowing your child to strap on a helmet.

8 p.m. ESPN

Small, small world

"Bless This Mess" is just more proof Hollywood is clueless about rural America. Lake Bell and Dax Shepard play a big-city couple who move to small-town Nebraska, which might as well be the Amish community where Harrison Ford hid out in "Witness." If Bell, who co-created the series with Liz Meriwether, actually spent quality time in the real heart of America before directing the first episode, I'll eat a straw hat.

8:30 p.m. KSTP, Ch. 5

Neal Justin