What's the buzz

Andrew Lloyd Webber's most stripped-down blockbuster, "Jesus Christ Superstar Live!" is tailor-made for a live TV production, but it places extra scrutiny on the singers. John Legend, Sara Bareilles and Alice Cooper are the most notable cast members, but the show's impact will largely rest on Broadway veteran Brandon Victor Dixon in the pivotal role of Judas.

7 p.m. Sunday, KARE, Ch. 11

Trying to overcome

"King in the Wilderness" doesn't discredit the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s enormous contributions to the civil rights movement, but it does remove the halo from his head by focusing on the years just before his assassination, when he faced increased scrutiny from Black Power followers, J. Edgar Hoover and skeptics in Chicago. It's not the most reverential tribute, but you may come away with even greater respect for King's accomplishments.

7 p.m. Monday, HBO

Captain Morgan

Tracy Morgan continues to put his second lease on life to good use in "The Last O.G.," a quasi-autobiographical new sitcom about a former drug dealer trying to readjust to the outside world after 15 years behind bars. While there are plenty of laughs in the series, co-created by Oscar winner Jordan Peele, the former "Saturday Night Live" star is both touching and generous, allowing co-star Tiffany Haddish just as many outrageous moments.

9:30 p.m. Tuesday, TBS

Neal Justin