Come together

It usually takes an international incident to bring the three network anchors together, but Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric are teaming up to host "Stand Up to Cancer" (7 p.m. Friday, WCCO, Ch. 4; KSTP, Ch. 5; KARE, Ch. 11), a fundraising effort featuring an impressive lineup of stars and an all-star performance led by Stevie Wonder. It promises to be more fun than a Harry Smith colonoscopy.


Jane Lynch hasn't let her recent Emmy win go to her head. In fact, the "Glee" star is more than happy to play second fiddle to yet another kid, specifically Miranda Cosgrove, when she guest stars on a new episode of "iCarly" (7 p.m. Saturday, Nick).

Good romance

Lady Gaga fever has yet to break. It may climb even higher after the "MTV Video Music Awards" (8 p.m. Sunday, MTV), where she leaves the rest of the competition in the dust with 13 nominations. Along with Gaga's moon-man count, keep an eye on how host Chelsea Handler handles the inevitable reunion of Kanye West and Taylor Swift. We suggest a rendition of "I've Got You, Babe."

The fairest in the land

If you think James Cameron faced skepticism when he unveiled "Avatar," just imagine what Walt Disney had to hear when he announced plans to produce the first feature-length cartoon. His gamble, 1937's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (7 p.m. Saturday, ABC Family), holds up so well that you might whistle while you watch.