Robin's journey

Let's put aside our snarky comments to wish the best for Robin Roberts, who has announced that she's taking a break from "Good Morning America" (7 a.m. Friday, KSTP, Ch. 5) until she recovers from a bone marrow transplant scheduled for September. Roberts, a big reason why "America" is competing so well against "Today," is suffering from a rare form of leukemia.

Radio, radio

Those mourning the fact that "A Prairie Home Companion" isn't hitting the State Fair this summer can take some comfort in watching "Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes" (9 p.m. Friday, KTCA, Ch. 2), a 2009 "American Masters" special that takes viewers behind the scenes of the legendary show.

Limerick land

"Nantucket Film Festival's Comedy Roundtable Presented by Ben Stiller" (9 p.m. Friday, Epix) features conversation with Jim Carrey, Chris Rock and Bill Hader. Let's hope no chitchat starts off with the line: "There once was a man from Nantucket."

What will Walt do?

It's hard to imagine what horrible sin Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will commit in 2012's last episode of "Breaking Bad" (9 p.m. Sunday, AMC), but based on what he's done these past few weeks, it's sure to be a doozy. "Bad" returns at some point in 2013 for its final eight episodes.