Can we keep the economy powered up without burning dirty fuels that threaten short-term health — and weather and climate disruption for generations to come? Yes. Prices for solar have plummeted and energy storage may be the next disruptive technology. When the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow, next-generation batteries kick in, releasing power back to the grid, or keeping the lights on during the next severe storm.

I'm speaking at a conference in San Diego, in a state that routinely gets 30 percent of its power from clean renewables. It's not a Pollyanna pipe-dream. It's a sustainable way forward, and Minnesota will help lead the way.

Despite a warming atmosphere and oceans, winter hasn't been canceled. Not yet. The opening salvo came overnight as countless plants and flowers froze their buds off.

More head-snapping changes are brewing: alternating between a freeze and lukewarm 70s will turn on the wind machine again Sunday — but another sunny, glorious weekend is on tap.