Norv Turner isn’t a man who spends his summer scouring the internet for quarterback rankings. Like most coaches, he tries to avoid that kind of offseason fodder. But some of the recent rankings made it onto his radar.

Turner didn’t name any names, but he made it clear that he puts no stock in where the NFL’s talking heads are ranking his QB, Teddy Bridgewater.

“You try not to pay attention to those things or see them, and I see some of the rankings and none of it matters because obviously how he plays is the key,” Turner, the team’s offensive coordinator, said. “There’s only four or five guys I would trust in talking to about evaluating quarterbacks because I don’t think there are many guys that understand what you’re trying to do at the position and understand the evaluation process.”

Turner didn’t name any names, but one imagines that ESPN’s Ron Jaworski isn’t on that short list. After all, Jaworski recently ranked Bridgewater as the 27th-best quarterback in the NFL — three spots behind Matt Cassel, whom the Vikings traded to the Bills in the offseason. Oh, by the way, Cassel was 32nd on Jaworski’s annual list last summer.

Another set of rankings from ESPN that was based on analysis from anonymous league execs and coaches had Bridgewater at No. 23.

“The one evaluation we care about is ours,” Turner said. “And based on where we got to last year and where we think we’re going, I think we have a top-flight quarterback.”

Turner believes it’s a strength that Bridgewater doesn’t get greatly affected by the highs and lows of the job. There are sure to be some lows in his second season, but Turner pointed out that even the best can struggle.

“We went to Buffalo last year against a real good defense and he didn’t play real well, we didn’t play real well. And it was, ‘Oh, what’s wrong with Teddy?’ And then about six weeks later, Green Bay went there and Aaron Rodgers had his worst game of the year and ‘It was because of Buffalo’s great defense,’” Turner said. “We’re not going to be fazed by what they say. I just want to see Teddy continue to grow in his understanding and his physical skills and going out and playing.”

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