The Cobra Pro 2500W inverter brings standard plug-in power to cars, campers, RVs and even marine vehicles that don't generally have power ports for power tools, small appliances and electronic devices.

Simply put, the Cobra Pro takes low-voltage DC (direct current) power from your vehicle's 12-volt battery and converts it to 115 Volt AC (alternating current) power like you have in your home.

Connecting the inverter to a spare car battery is an inexpensive way to survive a crisis by quickly adding smartphone charging or a small space heater.

Installation is simple, although caution must be taken to ensure a correct connection since it goes through the vehicle's battery.

Two pairs of 48-inch power cables are included — two red/positive, two black/negative — which are then hard-wired to a battery. While I was doing the installation, I found the connectors to be a different size from my boat battery. A trip to the auto parts store produced a smaller adapter that instantly solved the problem.

Once completed, four GFCI-protected AC outlets are ready to use along with single USB-C and USB-A fast-charging ports. Cooling fans turn on when needed to prevent overheating. The device should be mounted in a cool, dry and well-ventilated flat area. (, $300)