Turkey chides E.U. on migrants

Turkey's president derided Europe on Friday for not taking in more refugees — a dose of cold water for a European Union plan to give new aid and concessions to Ankara in exchange for stemming the unprecedented flow of people across borders.

E.U. leaders meeting in Brussels, Belgium, agreed to give "political support" for an action plan for Turkey to help it manage its migrant emergency, including easier access to E.U. visas for Turks and accelerated E.U. membership talks. The hard part is persuading Turkey to sign on, and raising money to make it work.

The E.U. package for Turkey would involve at least $3.4 billion in aid, officials said. But member countries have been slow to offer money, and are divided over how much to help migrants and how much to help Turkey.

In a speech on Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the E.U. of being disingenuous about Turkey's membership.

"We are far ahead of most E.U. countries but unfortunately, they are not sincere," Erdogan said.

He took a swipe at those who suggested German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the Nobel Peace Prize for opening Germany to so many migrants this year.

"We have 2.5 million refugees, no one cares," he said.

Associated Press