In 24 games through the end of April last season, Twins hitters had struck out 220 times and walked 79 times. This season, in 23 games through the end of April, Twins hitters struck out 179 times (41 fewer than last year) and walked 102 times (23 more than last year).


The Twins managed to dodge some bad weather when they were on the road, and now that they're back it looks like spring might finally be here. Oakland at Twins, 7 p.m., FSN.


"It isn't a bad strategy in a presumably deep draft for a team to acquire/stockpile late round draft choices. The reason? The team gets control over players they like at a low cost vs. allowing those players to go undrafted and then hoping they will sign with your team."

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"Miguel Sano's ranks in Twins history through 219 career games:

Homers: 1st

RBI: 1st

Walks: 1st

OPS: 2nd

XBH: 2nd

SLG: 3rd

WPA: 4th

Runs: 5th