An area of disturbed weather between Indonesia and northern Australia could become a tropical cyclone by this weekend.

A weak area of low pressure not far from Darwin, Australia, is becoming better organized. Rainfall from the system has already soaked Darwin and nearby areas.

The latest water temperature near Darwin is a sweltering 90 degrees. Water this warm is like high octane gasoline to tropical systems.

The storm is expected to strengthen but move away from Darwin. Cities like Port Hedland and Derby could eventually be affected by the system.

The system also poses a threat to oil and natural gas production. It is forecast to move through the heat of the oil fields, perhaps leading to the evacuation of offshore oil rigs.

It is not all bad news. Northwestern Australia has been very dry and hot in recent weeks, so rainfall will be welcome. However, tropical systems can produce so much rain that flooding is possible even in drought-plagued areas.

Story by Senior Forecaster Dave Samuhel