The owners of Pacifier believe they're the ones who satisfied the baby clothing needs of Trig Palin.

"The brown/blue chunky stripe romper that baby Trig sported at the RNC was purchased at Pacifier in Gaviidae Common," e-mailed Wing Witthuhn. She and her husband, Jon Witthuhn, own two of the urban baby boutiques.

A woman believed to be a campaign worker came into Gaviidae's Pacifier looking for something dressy, but not too dressy, for a 5-month-old. The woman said she had tried Macy's and Saks but had no luck.

Reflecting on the customer, Jon told me Thursday that there were clues the clothing was being purchased for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's baby: "I made some assumptions after [the campaign aide] asked me for advice for kids of other ages. I was [also] suspicious that she'd be running around shopping on a RNC credit card."

Jon recommended the finely knit layette from Egg and mismatched striped/dot socks by Trumpette, which Wing thinks she noticed on TV "peeking out at the ankles."

Trig was not wearing the matching knit hat purchase. Had he worn it, we'd have missed the delightful video of his sister Piper licking her palm more than once to slick down Trig's hair.

Just a sec, Blanquita

Texas radio talk show host Blanquita Cullum could barely contain her passion to talk to Jon Voight when she spied him on "Radio Row" last week at the RNC.

Eager to plead her case, Cullum, who sometimes provides political opinions on CNN, rushed over to Voight's PR person, Kelly J. Oliver, an account exec for Alexandria, Va.-based CRC Public Relations. Firmly but softly, Cullum was told that Oliver wanted to finish her conversation with me before entertaining Cullum's request. Cullum turned on her heels and walked away in a mild huff.

Oliver was immune to the commotion by Cullum and an atmosphere filled with talk show hosts blabbing into their mikes. After Oliver finished telling me about "An American Carol," a political satire starring Voight scheduled for release Oct. 3, she said, "I probably hurt that lady's feelings."

Later, I noticed Cullum and Oliver chatting; Oliver confirmed Friday that the fence was mended, noting "it was a little crazy situation there," down on Radio Row. Cullum became a fast friend of mine because I liked her elaborate blazers and she dug my earrings.

No fuzzing required

FOX 9ers thought KSTP-TV had to fuzz up the background of its set at the RNC to prevent the FOX 9 logo from being clearly viewed, thus promoting the competition.

"We did not do anything to fuzz out Fox in the background," KSTP news director Lindsay Radford told me Friday. "Not our priority."

We were also getting a giggle on the FOX 9 set about doing satellite interviews with FOX News' D.C. correspondent Doug Luzader, even though he was in the luxury box right next door, 10 feet away. By the end of the week Luzader was trading paper airplanes with morning show anchors Tom Butler and Alix Kendall during the segments, as you can see at

Lizz lets it rip

Political comedian Lizz Winstead rocked out her last night at the Parkway Theater.

Winstead wrapped up a three-night performance in her hometown with members of her NYC-based fake morning talk show, "Wake Up World," by singing a few songs with the band Razor Face.

"Her appetite for singing must be whetted," e-mailed Terry Walsh, leader of the Belfast Cowboys, "because Lizz is also planning on joining the Belfast Cowboys at Lee's Liquor Lounge on Saturday night to sing some Van Morrison songs."

After Thursday's performance of "Wake Up World," performed by a comedy troupe called Shoot the Messenger, which the New York Times recently described as "Serving Platters of Mince Politician," Winstead did an onstage interview with talk show host Ed Schultz. That was followed by a telecast of Republican presidential candidate John McCain's acceptance speech, which was getting booed pretty well by the audience. The night concluded with Winstead and Razor Face.

Roll the footage

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