It's October (almost) and your Halloween forecast is already here! OK, doesn't actually forecast 30 days into the future, but it does show a historical high of 51 and a low of 34 for Halloween.

I'm stating the obvious -- and, yes, I'm reaching for a blog on a slow Friday -- but it'll be cold Halloween night! Of course, I have to RE-state that every year to my daughter, who looks at costumes and believes she'll be plenty warm in a dainty, shoulderless fairy getup with bare legs. So, here's one boy idea and one girl idea for costumes Minnesota-cold-style. Parents, fill in the rest! What are your strategies for keeping your kids warm trick-or-treating?

BOY: Forget the Hogwarts uniform, just stick with the Quidditch robe. As costumes go, it's relatively inexpensive to just get the robe and the characteristic glasses, and make your own wand and broom. But best of all, you can cram all kinds of warm-weather gear underneath it.



GIRL: Princess doesn't have to be a Disney thing! There are others besides Cindarella, Snow White and -- the worst for cold-weather trick-or-treating -- Jasmine. As soon as you start talking SNOW princess, now you've got costume ideas that'll fit the weather.  


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