Trash Talk

5:30 p.m. • Triple Rock • all ages • $15

Having worked with Steve Albini and Keith Morris, this punishing Sacramento, Calif., band has some serious hardcore cachet. But Trash Talk isn’t beholden to scene politics, as evidenced by frequent tours with rap acts and their distinction as being the first non-rap act signed to Odd Future Records; Tyler, The Creator even lent a verse to their 2012 album. Musically, however, the group mostly sticks to fret-torturing hardcore riffs, throat-exploding screams and records that don’t crack the 30-minute mark. Last year’s “No Peace,” the band’s third full-length, was bookended by Alchemist-produced instrumental beat tracks, but the rest was brutal rock rage. During a show in Detroit last year, Trash Talk made headlines for sniping down a quadcopter drone via a hucked beer can. Expect no aerial warfare and plenty of circle pits at this all-ages Triple Rock stop. New York City hip-hop crew Ratking opens. Jay Boller