Q: Do you have any info on one of our favorites, "Transplant"? It's about a Syrian doctor and his younger sister arriving in the U.S. and adapting to life in general here and also working in a hospital.

A: The series starring Hamza Haq was originally made for Canada's CTV network, then picked up by NBC to fill one of the gaps caused by pandemic-related delays in other programs. (Well, that's my view. NBC says the show "continues its goal to bring the best entertainment to its audience through traditional and non-traditional pipelines." It made a similar move in picking up "Nurses," another Canadian import.) "Transplant" has done well enough in Canada for CTV to order a second season, and NBC plans to carry that, as well.

Curtis was on the line

Q: In the 1968 movie "Rosemary's Baby," is Tony Curtis the voice of the blinded actor, Donald Baumgart?

A: Based on the novel by Ira Levin, "Rosemary's Baby" is considered a classic, creepy thriller — and a story that prompted a made-for-TV sequel in 1976, a miniseries reboot in 2014 and Levin's own sequel novel, "Son of Rosemary," in 1997. As for the 1968 film, according to the histories I consulted, Tony Curtis is indeed the voice of Donald Baumgart in a phone conversation with Rosemary (Mia Farrow). An oft-told story is that director Roman Polanski wanted Farrow to seem confused in the scene, and he achieved that by using Curtis' voice on the phone call without telling Farrow ahead of time.

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