Genevieve Gorder may have left “Trading Spaces” in 2007 to pursue other TV gigs, but she never abandoned her native state of Minnesota. She’d visit family every few months, or show off the area to first-timers such as her fiancé, fellow designer Christian Dunbar.

Gorder, who is part of the “Spaces” reboot premiering Saturday on TLC, chatted by phone about coming home both to the Twin Cities and to the groundbreaking series.

Q: What was Christian’s reaction when you introduced him to Minnesota in February?

A: He was abnormally excited. He kind of geeked out over the lakes. I don’t think you really understand where we’re from until you see that amount of water in one neighborhood. It’s such an extraordinary environment in the wintertime, although I don’t necessarily want it to be like that all the time.


Q: How important is it to you that your 10-year-old daughter, Bebelle, spends time here?

A: It really helps ground her. Growing up in Manhattan is a really different childhood. She thinks Minnesota is so tranquil and happy. It’s great that you can hop on a bike in Minneapolis and just go. You can’t do that in Manhattan, although having the whole world within one block is great, too.


Q: Bebelle wasn’t born the first time you did “Spaces.” You also went through a divorce since then. Can we expect a different person on air?

A: I probably giggle less than I did when I was 24. I’m the same personality. I just have bigger experiences to pull from. I know how to handle the psychology of people better. Not that I was aggressive before. I didn’t see divorce as a failure. It was just time to go and try something else. I’m getting married again this summer. What a beautiful intermission I had during a double feature.


Q: Do you still kick off your shoes when you’re on camera?

A: When I’m in someone’s home, I never want to wreck my shoes. It’s so funny that became a thing. I had all kinds of offers to join foot-fetish clubs. People still come up to me and say they’re surprised that I’m wearing shoes. Well, yeah. I’m in a grocery store.