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Selling Minnesota: What we're doing to promote state

Selling Minnesota: What we're doing to promote state

OK, so this is a great place to live and work. But what are we doing to recruit and retain top talent?

Top Workplaces 2016 Results Announced on June 26

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Marcus Sable of Blaine puts his collected papers in order during a Job Development Career Fair at Brookdale Library in Brooklyn Center.

Looking for a job? Start by building your brand

January 6, 2016
Candidates need to stand out against the competition.
Close-up Of A Businessman Looking At Resume Holding In Hand

How to get your résumé read by a human

January 17, 2016
First you have to get it through the applicant tracking system.

Why I won't work for your company

January 15, 2016
Most employers know the cost of a bad hire, but few know the cost of a bad hiring process. Here are 10 reasons why businesses miss out on top talent.

Why workforce diversity is a smart business move

January 6, 2016
It's not just about caring for people, advocates say. A diverse workforce is a smart business decision.

How to hire the best talent in a tight job market

January 6, 2016
Companies will need to update their playbooks to snag the best employees.

There's something about the Twin Cities that attracts workers

January 6, 2016
The metro area rarely misses out on lists of best places to live and work.

Meet the companies that made Minnesota the national leader in employee satisfaction in 2015

Shivani Khanna Stumpf of SPS Commerce, Dexter Wingfield of Pediatric Home Service, and Emily McAuliffe of Clockwork Active Media represent the employe

What is it about Minnesota that makes it a top place to work?

In a survey by WorkplaceDynamics, Minnesota ranked first among 45 regions surveyed on workplace satisfaction. The survey focused on components of well-being, like relationships, positive feelings and a sense of meaning.

See where Minnesota's top workplaces are located and read more about each company.

Large companies: SPS Commerce plays the fun factor

June 13, 2015
Workers flock to three game rooms at lunch, regularly host charity auctions and have even formed teams to stay up all night building websites for charities.

Midsize companies: Pediatric Home Service is dedicated to service

June 13, 2015
Team-building events have featured kickball and Wii bowling. For Halloween, workers decorate the office and invite patient families for treats.

Small companies: Clockwork Active Media leads the way

June 13, 2015
The distinction between work life and home life is blurred at this northeast Minneapolis company, which believes you can't excel at one if you don't excel at the other.

Culture should be part of a company's business plan

June 13, 2015
While many owners might have an idea of what type of boss they want to be, they haven't translated their idea of workplace culture into their business plans.

Employees give companies extra stars for these strong suits

June 15, 2015
Workers say it's because managers listen to their concerns, making it easier for them to do the sometimes-difficult work of helping difficult situations.

Community engagement becoming more important to employers

June 15, 2015
Employers help workers connect with causes.

Leadership winners say empowering employees is key to success

June 13, 2015
These CEOs know that success in managing the growth of a company depends on developing new leaders.

The making of a Top Workplace

June 12, 2015
We all want to feel good about coming to work in the morning. Those of us in Minnesota have a better chance of that happening…

These companies have been Top Workplaces every year

June 13, 2015
Right at Home is one of 13 companies that has made the Star Tribune's list of Top Workplaces each of the six years it has been produced.

Top workplaces video: Anytime Fitness employees dance at work

June 13, 2015
Dancing on desks and working out keeps employees happy.

Top workplaces video: Mono keeps door open

June 13, 2015
Open communication is key to happiness of mono employees.

Top workplaces video: Phoenix Residence cares about employees and residents

June 13, 2015
Meaningful work keeps Phoenix Residence employees happy.

2015 Top 150 Workplaces

June 2, 2017
Minnesota employees surveyed by WorkplaceDynamics ranked these 150 employers as Top Workplaces for 2015.

2015 National standard setters

June 12, 2015
These 76 Minnesota employers scored high enough to qualify as Top Workplaces against WorkplaceDynamics' national benchmark, although not high enough to crack the Top 150 Workplaces.

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