Back on the mat

The documentary "Team Foxcatcher" goes beyond the 2004 film with a firsthand account from the widow of David Schultz, the Olympic medalist who was murdered by his unhinged wrestling coach, philanthropist John du Pont. Unfortunately, one of the key players — brother Mark Schultz, played by Mark Ruffalo in the Oscar-nominated movie — chose not to participate.

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Unclean and unsober

Marc Maron, who has made his sobriety the cornerstone of his comedy comeback, travels down the rabbit hole in a new season of "Maron," imagining what would happen if he reverted to a life of addiction. In the first episode, his character loses his podcast, his friends and his home, forcing him to live in a storage unit and steal recyclable cans from a homeless person. While the laughs on this road to recovery sometimes feel forced, the bitterness of the journeyman never does.

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Small wonder

If "Batman v Superman" made you forget that comic book stories are supposed to be fun, try 2015's "Ant-Man," a film with tinier aspirations, but a much more successful payoff. Paul Rudd, who would have been the ideal Spider-Man 15 years ago, wears the suit with just the right blend of anxiety and excitement. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent should be forced to watch before their next night patrols.

9:30 p.m. Starz

Neal Justin