Trump card

"Dancing With the Stars," the reality series that doesn't seem to take a break during slow numbers, returns with its usual mix of onetime TV favorites (Mischa Barton), athletes looking for a unique workout (Super Bowl MVP Von Miller), journalists "on assignment" (Geraldo Rivera) — and at least one curve ball. In this case, that's Marla Maples, Donald Trump's ex-wife, whose presence may be part of an elaborate campaign to pitch herself as Secretary of Tango in a Trump administration.

7 p.m. Monday, KSTP, Ch. 5

What about Bill?

Do you like your Bill Murray served with sweet or sour sauce? Have it your way this evening by choosing 1991's "What About Bob?" (7 p.m., Sundance) in which our hero's neediness gets under the skin of Richard Dreyfuss, or 2014's "St. Vincent" (7 p.m., TMC), featuring Murray as the cantankerous neighbor who doesn't own a Gran Torino.

Her blue heaven

Jacob Bernstein, son of reporter Carl Bernstein and director/screenwriter Nora Ephron, investigates the life of his late mom in "Everything Is Copy," a star-studded documentary that spotlights the artist's wit and wisdom, best exemplified in "Silkwood" and "Sleepless in Seattle."

8 p.m. HBO

Neal Justin