Training days

A lumberjack, roller-derby queen and celebrity trainer go through exercises inspired by military training in "American Grit," yet another reality competition that completely misreads why we fell in love with Gomer Pyle. The tasks look challenging enough, but they don't give us mere spectators much of a physical or mental workout.

8 p.m. KMSP, Ch. 9

Copy cats

"Orphan Black" returns for a fourth season, giving star Tatiana Maslany a whole new crop of characters to play. (When will TV's hardest working performer get to give her Emmy speech?) Expect more back story on Beth Childs, the clone that started at all, and, possibly, a little more attention now that the series has moved from Saturdays to Thursdays.

9 p.m. BBC America

No one is safe

Big Jay Oakerson's idea of interacting with the audience goes well beyond asking spectators where they came from and what they do for a living. The comic, who recently appeared at the Mall of America's House of Comedy, wraps up a season of needling club patrons in the mostly improvised series "Big Jay Oakerson's What's Your F@%king Deal?"

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