Many expect Randy Moss to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend … on the eve of our Super Bowl … right here in downtown Minneapolis, where nearly 20 years ago he torched his first NFL defensive back. That could be quite a moment.

And in preparing our coverage this fall for this moment, a question was batted around in the newsroom: Is Moss one of the 10 best Vikings players ever? Some responded "YES!" with Moss-like speed; others weren't so sure. Before long, we were scribbling down top-10 lists and yelling at each other, and before long we had a small project on our hands: the greatest Vikings project.

We decided to make lists and — more importantly — we were curious to hear what you had to say. So we asked, and boy did you all ever respond. Nearly 6,000 readers sent us their all-time top 10 Vikings players in early January when we posted an article online with a ballot. Readers were asked to pick 10 from a list of 40 of the team's most-honored players. We're excited to show you those results — they'll be online at noon on Thursday.

While you wait, you can check out the top 10 lists of 12 Star Tribune writers and editors, online now at Here's a sampling from our four columnists:

Chris Carr

Top 10 Vikings according to …

Sid Hartman:

 1. Fran Tarkenton

 2. Mick Tingelhoff

 3. Carl Eller

 4. Randy Moss

 5. Randall McDaniel

 6. Alan Page

 7. Ron Yary

 8. Gary Zimmerman

 9. Chris Doleman

10. Jim Marshall

Patrick Reusse:

 1. Alan Page

 2. Randall McDaniel

 3. Fran Tarkenton

 4. Randy Moss

 5. John Randle

 6. Jim Marshall

 7. Adrian Peterson

 8. Mick Tingelhoff

 9. Cris Carter

10. Carl Eller

Jim Souhan:

 1. Randall McDaniel

 2. Alan Page

 3. John Randle

 4. Fran Tarkenton

 5. Cris Carter

 6. Ron Yary

 7. Paul Krause

 8. Adrian Peterson

 9. Joey Browner

10. Randy Moss

Chip Scoggins:

 1. Alan Page

 2. Randall McDaniel

 3. Fran Tarkenton

 4. John Randle

 5. Randy Moss

 6. Carl Eller

 7. Adrian Peterson

 8. Cris Carter

 9. Mick Tingelhoff

10. Paul Krause

The Star Tribune:

Go to to read more top 10 lists from our staff. You'll also find, around noon on Thursday, our readers's picks on which players make up the Vikings' all-time top 10.