Pass in a pinch

The Vikings strugggle on third or fourth down when they need 2 yards or fewer. They have been more successful passing in those situations, getting first downs on 12 of 16 attempts vs. 9-for-18 running.

Week 1 at Titans


third-and-2: Shaun Hill 10-yard pass to Kyle Rudolph


third-and-1: Hill 18-yard pass to Rudolph


third-and-2: Hill 33-yard pass to Stefon Diggs Ø

Week 2 vs. Packers


fourth-and-1: Sam Bradford 4-yard pass to Diggs

Week 3 at Panthers


third-and-2: Bradford 4-yard pass to Rudolph

Week 5 vs. Texans


third-and-1: Bradford 20-yard pass to Matt Asiata


Week 7 at Eagles


third-and-3: Bradford 4-yard pass to Diggs


third-and-2: Bradford 7-yard pass to Rudolph


third-and-2: Bradford 2-yard pass to Asiata

Week 8 at Bears


third-and-2: Bradford 21-yard pass to Adam Thielen


Week 9 vs. Lions


third-and-1: Bradford 1-yard pass to Rudolph, TD

Week 10 at Redskins

third-and-2: Bradford 10-yard pass to Diggs