(As told by Tom Becker of Le Center)

Hunting in Le Sueur County recently, I arrived at my stand two hours before sunset. Sitting down, I saw this buck heading my way along the edge of a slough. Quickly, I got my release on, nocked an arrow and looked up. He had disappeared! Did I see what I thought I saw? An hour and a half later, he reappeared from the slough 100 yards away. I grunted, he stopped, then he did an about-face and angled toward me. At 24 yards, he entered my shooting lane. Maaaa, I bleated. He stopped. I drew back, took my time and touched the release. The big buck ran 75 yards and piled up. I didn't shake until I saw his size close up. A 13-pointer, he green-scored 186⅝. He's the biggest in my 40 years of hunting.