Toledo recruit Nigel Hayes has now finished all of his planned official tours and is gearing up to make a decision soon, he said, between his four schools: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Stanford and Ohio State.

"I don’t have a specific date but I do know it will be done before my season starts [on Dec. 1]” he said.
  • Hayes said the biggest factors that will play a role in where he goes will be: how comfortable he is with the coaches, the developmental opportunities, playing time and academics, as well as input from his parents.
  • Right now, his mom’s favorite is Wisconsin. His step-dad is impartial.
  • Hayes is planning to major in business and the business program that most stood out to him was Stanford’s he said.
  • Stanford also ties with Wisconsin for the best atmosphere/campus, he said. “Stanford’s was just a beautiful campus, being in California and all but Wisconsin was just a great college town and it seemed like it would be a great place to go to school,” he said.
  • Stanford won for facilities and equipment as well.
Notice a trend? Hayes mentioned that he really like Minnesota coach Tubby Smith and that his parents did also, and he mentioned a great game experience at Ohio State with coaches and players, but overall, Wisconsin and Stanford were mentioned the most.
Read what you will into all that, and it is by no means a full picture of his decision-making. Regardless, according to Hayes, we’ll all know soon.