Ryan Krieger, Elk River • 55½-inch muskie • Lake Mille Lacs

Muskie fishing for the first time, Ryan Krieger, left, caught this muskie on June 1 using an original Lowsky Lures bucktail. Nick Lowe helped with the catch, which would have measured 56 inches had the tail been pinched. The catch was released.

Summer’s first

Geb Schultz, age 10, of Minneapolis caught this 22-inch northern pike June 2 on Lake Harriet. Geb was fishing from shore with an orange and silver spoon lure on his first outing of the summer.


Off to a good start

Isla Stephens, age 7, of Orono and her grandfather, Lee Harren, caught this 10-pound, 34-inch northern on June 1 on Lake Minnetonka. Isla, who was fishing for the first time, was in charge of the net.


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