It isn't easy to stay focused, upbeat and stress-free during a summer workweek, but Naomi Pelley, regional director of Health2 Resources, offers some helpful tips for specific situations:

• When co-workers are grumpy because they can't be outside: "Go for a walking meeting outside, said Pelley. It's a way to "stay active and mentally engaged."

• When you're getting ready to take time off: "Vacations can cause stress, in and of themselves, because they break the usual routine," said Pelley. Instead of trying to do everything at once, she suggests you limit yourself to one vacation-related task a day. "The week before your time off, plan to do one task a day to prepare — like picking up snorkeling gear, getting a tennis racquet restrung or arranging for the dog sitter."

• When you're on vacation: Even if your intention is to relax, Pelley recommends keeping physically fit. "During your vacation, plan to do one activity a day to keep up with your healthy lifestyle — like enjoying the hotel pool or exploring a new city on foot. When you return, it will be easier to get back into your regular fitness routine."

• To avoid summer Sunday doldrums: "Break your routine with a special fitness activity on Sunday afternoons. Go for a family walk around the block. Carry your bag during golf with friends, or take a yoga break."

Bill Ward