Tips for lower-priced TV

Make a call: Cable providers have a customer retention office. Ask for a discount that lasts a year or longer. The odds will be better later in the year when CenturyLink’s Prism TV begins to compete for Comcast’s customers.

With premium channels such as HBO, call at the beginning of the month for any specials. Comcast offers limited basic (channels 2-23) for about $15 a month, digital economy for $40 per month, and family tier for $32 per month.

Internet Plus for $60 a month includes limited basic channels plus HBO Go (on a TV or device) but the price increases to $70 a month after 12 months.

Cut the chord: If you ax your cable or satellite, try over-the-air service using a basic antenna, which usually costs less than $40.

Brillhart recommends the Winegard Freevision available at Home Depot and online.

Installers include Cable Alternatives (763-571-1037, and Enhanced Home Technology (763-262-0202, western suburbs only).

John Ewoldt