The University of North Dakota has been without a nickname since 2012, when the battle over retiring the "Fighting Sioux" name and logo was ended once and for all -- except for those who continue to wear their old gear to watch their team play.

A contest will be held in April to solicit suggestions for a new nickname. Three finalists will be chosen and there are plans for public voting in May, according to a report from the Fargo Forum.

There are rules, of course.

The nickname can't be more than 25 characters. (That would eliminate "The Team Formerly Known as the ...").

Explanations are allowed, but those can't be more than 140 characters. (Do we sense something Twitter-friendly being planned?)

The university's public affairs staff has been given the responsibility for setting up the contest.

A nickname committee, which includes Minnesota Twins president and UND graduate Dave St. Peter, has established "attributes" for the new nickname. It needs to:

*Be unique, recognizable, inspiring and distinctly UND's.

*Promote a sense of pride, strength, fierceness and passion.

*Be representative of the state and region in a way that honors the traditions and heritage of the past but also looks to the future.

*Be a unifying and rallying symbol.

In the Forum story, committee member and UND aviation professor John Bridewell said: "We have to come up with three names that we would be satisfied with no matter what the public vote is."

You can read the full story here.

Now, feel free to get a jump on the process and make your suggestions below. (You don't even have to agree to the 140-character limit for explaining it. Take 150 or so, if you need it.)

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