Timberwolves fans sold out Target Center for the unveiling of the franchise’s new logo at Tuesday night’s final home game of the season.

The immediate reaction, though, hints most fans were unimpressed with the redesign.

A Star Tribune poll revealed 46 percent over voters consider it “mediocre” or “awful.” Another 31 percent call it “fine” and only 22 percent consider it “great.”

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The disappointment also dominated startribune.com comments and social media buzz. Many commenters combined their frustration for the logo and the on-court product.

“The logo is fine, not very creative,” startribune.com commenter "sgtsmash" wrote. “But I think the basketball ‘moon’ should have been bright white. That would have been sharp. However, that blue moon is symbolic of when the Wolves will put together a winning season. “

Wew Michael tweeted “A lot of people I respect are telling me the Wolves logo is fine, so maybe I am just conditioned to be disappointed by Minnesota/overreacted.” 

Gophers men’s basketball coach Richard Pitino enjoyed the presentation leading up to the logo reveal. He tweeted “New logo video got me fired up.”

Reed Dahms tweeted “The new Wolves logo is spot on in every way. Colors, font, design. It’s perfect.”

Here is more sampling of the reaction that leaned negative:

From startribune.com
bdm5980: 4 logos and 0 championships.  Way to focus on what's important ;)

colonel715: The Timberwolves need a logo that can get them 55 regular season wins and into the Conference finals again.  Not sure if this is going to do it. 

mtkamac: The current logo, type treatment, etc., are fantastic - do they think a new logo will help them win more games?  18 months of work for something so simplistic and boring - yawn......  I'll stock up on current merch., being i won't wear anything with this new garbage on it.

Benovanman: They got the colors right, but would've been wise to stress the new vibrant green more to reflect the youth of the team. Maybe even have an alternate uni where the green is base color. Basically something similar to the Seattle Seahawks reboot years ago. No point in paying homage to a history that isn't all that spectacular. 

daveyk206: From a business idea, I think it is a good idea to change branding as the NBA is moving away from Adidas and going to Nike, so the timing is good.  The timing is also good with the renovation of Target Center, different ownership stakes.  But, team has been rebranding for years with different marketing tag lines, and whatever else.  They need to stick with one, and go with it.  It is not good to be doing that every couple of years.  

DufferH: This silly video really jumps the shark and embodies every worn-out cliche ever uttered about Minnesota, including "Minnesota Nice."

Bigtmn: Way to similar to the Phoenix Coyotes logo.

Cullen: It looks a lot like the Timberwolves logo of the 90s. Everyone thought it was too nice and cuddly...

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