Karl-Anthony Towns impressed again at the news conference held to announce he had won the NBA rookie of the year award by a unanimous vote.

He was thoughtful and reflective. He thanks every teammate and virtually every member of the Wolves' organization. He praised Flip and Debbie Saunders, calling them his surrogate family. He thanked his actual family. And he did all of this after getting into the gym for an offseason workout at about 6:30 a.m.

None of us can predict the future very well. Kevin Garnett was remarkably friendly and accessible as a young star and now you're lucky to ever see him, much less talk to him. Kevin Love was a nice kid.

Towns seems different, though. He's remarkably polished. He's thoughtful. He's appreciative. Speaking with his father, you got the sense that he's always been grounded.

Towns even reiterated in a session with print reporters that he wanted to come to Minnesota and build a winner. I think when I was 19 or 20 I would have wanted a beach and sunshine.

Towns and Andrew Wiggins don't seem like the kind of young men who crave glamour, though.

I think the Wolves will be good by next season and a threat to win a championship in two or three years. Towns' personality, and Wiggins', hint that maybe for once the Wolves have a chance to build a sustainable winner.


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