wolveslogoThe Timberwolves are in the preliminary stages of a rebranding effort that will include new uniforms, though it’s “a very long-term process that is barely in its infancy at this point,” Brad Ruiter, the team’s VP of communications, told the Star Tribune on Friday.

On Thursday, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Nick Halter wrote (subscription required) that the Wolves are getting a new logo and uniforms, quoting owner Glen Taylor as saying, “I think so. Sooner than later. No definite date has been set.”

Ruiter would not confirm when the changes would take place, though logic says two things: 1) It won’t be this season, which is only a few months away from starting. 2) It would make sense to happen in 2017-18, when the renovation of Target Center is slated to be complete.

Per Halter, there is this component to the 2017-18 timeline as well:

Taylor said one reason he hired CEO Ethan Casson because Casson helped guide the San Fransisco 49ers up the ranks of the NFL from a revenue standpoint. He hopes Casson can do with the same using a renovated Target Center and through a jersey sponsorship, which will be allowed by the NBA for the 2017-2018 season.

marburygarnettHowever, on the subject of a timeline, Ruiter said, “It’s way too early to tell.”

As Halter also noted, the Wolves have tweaked their look over the years but have not had a major logo overhaul since 1996 — 20 years ago, which was Kevin Garnett’s second season and Stephon Marbury’s rookie season with the Wolves.

Since then, it’s been a snarling Wolf — in contrast to the tamer Wolf of the earliest Timberwolves seasons – though many hard-core fans have been itching for an updated look for several years.

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