OK, it's late and I got an early flight to Sacramento to get their by shootaround in the morning, but...

Here's tonight's loss to the Lakers by the numbers:

30     Wolves average margin of defeat in four previous road games

5        Their margin of defeat tonight, after they cut an 11-point Lakers lead down to a single basket on Corey Brewer's slam with less than six minutes left but could get no closer.

48      Length in feet of Mo Ager's banked buzzer-beating three pointer to end the third quarter. It broughtb the Wolves within eight points.

1         Nasty left-handed Mike Beasley dunk over big Theo Ratliff in the second quarter.

24       Kevin Love rebounds, a career high

23       Kevin Love points, a season high

38:27   Kevin Love playing time, by more than seven minutes a season high. (Is there a correlation to the previous two numbers? You make the call.)

8:33      Fourth-quarter minutes for Love, Beasley and starting PG Sebastian Telfair. (Of course, part of that was because it was a close game in the 4th quarter, not a 20- or 30-point blowout)

2           Players in Wolves history who have had 20-point, 20-rebound, 5-assist games. The other dude is a guy named Garnett.

4          Timberwolves who have had 20-20 games. Love has done it twice now. Al Jefferson did it five times, Tom Gugliotta once....oh, yeah, and KG did it 26 times.

27        Wolves turnovers....uff-da!

6          Consecutive Wolves loss

1-7 and 8-0     Wolves record, Lakers record

54-42   Wolves rebounding margin over Lakers, including a 26-14 offensive rebounding margin

11        Kevin Love offensive rebounds

With numbers like that every night, Kurt Rambis acknowledged that Love is an All Star.

He meant the point and rebound numbers.

He also made a point about consistency with that comment.

"Yeah, then I'll be an All Star," Love said, referring to putting up those kind of numbers every night. "Thanks, Kurt."

OK, that's that tonight from L.A.

Here's tonight's expanded game story, build around Magic Johnson's visit to the Wolves' locker room before the game at Rambis' request.


Good night from L.A.

Blog with you from Sacramento tomorrow, where the Wolves play the Kings tomorrow night and before that, hold a point-guard tryout with free agents Curtis Jerrells, Trey Johnson, Sundiata Gaines and Aaron Miles participating.