The irons Tiger Woods used to complete his "Tiger Slam" are available via auction on eBay ... for $250,000. Anyone want to pool some money? Let us entice you with these facts from the auction page:

Given personally as a gift from Tiger to the seller.

Clubs in orginal (sic) shape and grips are original grips used the last time the clubs were used by Tiger.

Used by Tiger in his "Tiger Slam".

Given directly to seller by Tiger.

Certificate of Authenticity

Irons (2-PW) Titleist Tour Forgings (681).

These irons were specially made for Tiger by Titleist. Tiger previously used a mixed set of Mizuno blades, Titleist made these clubs especially for Tiger and they were modeled on the Mizuno MP-14's and MP-29's. When arranging his contract with Titleist, he stipulated that he would sign if they could make a set identical to the Mizunos he was using. They obliged, and a very lucrative contract was formed for both parties.

The irons feature taper tip X-100 shafts tipped 1/4" and a D4 swingweight. Their length is graduated down in half-inch increments from a 39-inch 2-iron - 2-iron: 21 degrees loft/60 degrees lie (for most clubmakers, this is about one degree upright); 3-iron: 24 degrees loft/61 degrees lie; 4-iron: 27/62; 5-iron: 30/63; 6-iron: 33/63.5; 7-iron: 37/64; 8-iron: 41/64.5; 9-iron: 45/65; pitching wedge: 50/65.

Did you get all that? Is anyone else really curious as to whom the seller (aphotoshop1) really is, and why Tiger would give the clubs as a gift to that person?