Fiber many

Sure, you're already eating the eight kinds of Fiber One cereal, the 15 kinds of Fiber One chewy bars, the eight kinds of Fiber One brownies and bars, the three kinds of Fiber One cookies, the five kinds of Fiber One muffin and pancake mixes, the six kinds of Fiber One bread and bread products, and the surprisingly lonesome single version of Fiber One cottage cheese.

Still, you're just not getting enough fiber, right?

Well, fret no more. Believe it or not, there are two new Fiber One products, plugging up two of the most serious gaps in the General Mills Great Wall of Fiber. No longer need you eat instant pudding and fruit chewies without any fiber!

Yes, we now have two kinds of Fiber One fruit-flavored snacks — mixed berry and assorted fruit — each little pouch providing three grams of fiber (about 12 percent of the daily value), and two kinds of Fiber One instant pudding — vanilla and chocolate — a serving of which provides six grams of fiber (24 percent of daily value).

Fall cookies

Just a quick note, because although Mr. Tidbit likes to think he has forsworn mentioning new products that are merely new flavors of exiting products, he just can't help documenting the ongoing silliness of the multiple new kinds of Oreos.

Now, in time for early fall, there's Caramel Apple flavored Oreos, a Golden Oreo variant that, like many of the recent Oreo flavors, has a two-component filling. In this case half of the filling is green, and distinctly apple-flavored, while next to it is half-a-cookie's worth of brown "caramel" filling, which natural and artificial flavors have rendered with surprisingly less success.

Coconutty pineapple

With the same problem — it's just a new flavor — but with a bit more justification because Mr. Tidbit finds the idea of this new flavor a little less peculiar, he notes the expansion of Del Monte's line of four-packs of 4-ounce shelf-stable tubs of fruit to include Pineapple Coconut. Unfortunately for Mr. Tidbit, who anticipated something like an alcohol-free piña colada, it's just pineapple bits, in light syrup that is naturally (but not very convincingly) flavored with coconut.

Al Sicherman