Brownian movement

You might think that fans of Cheez-It snack crackers would be content with the range of Cheez-Its available to them. There are, after all, 15 kinds of Cheez-Its (made with various cheeses including Cheddar Jack, colby, mozzarella, provolone, pepper Jack and more, some spicier, some reduced fat, etc.), as well as three kinds of Cheez-It Grooves, two Cheez-It Zingz, two Cheez-It Crunch'd and a Cheez-It Duoz, plus two kinds of Cheez-It Snack Mixes (regular and double cheese).

But it seems fans have been bombarding Cheez-It headquarters with requests, and they have been asking for one kind of Cheez-It more than any other. Want to guess what? Mr. Tidbit is pretty sure that, unless you are yourself a fan of Cheez-Its — particularly the kind of Cheez-It fan who bombards Cheez-It headquarters with requests — you won't guess it. It's Extra Toasty.

Now Mr. Tidbit will guess what that means: Apparently a box of regular Cheez-Its might contain here and there a Cheez-It that baked a little browner than the others. And apparently there are folks in the Cheez-It world who prize these mint-error Cheez-Its above all others.

Well, now they can have a whole box of them.

Mr. Tidbit couldn't immediately see any difference between a regular Cheez-It and an Extra Toasty one, but he acknowledges that, when a bunch of each kind were lined up side by side, he could (barely) see it. He couldn't taste any difference between them, but that might be asking too much.

Surprisingly, at least to Mr. Tidbit, Extra Toasty Cheez-Its violate his rule about hidden price increases: The box of Extra Toasty Cheez-Its is the same size as that of regular Cheez-Its and costs no more.

Another Oreo

Of course there's a brand-new "limited edition" variety of Oreo cookies, as it's been two months since the debut of Toasted Coconut Oreos. (Mr. Tidbit doesn't bother concerning himself with such annual reappearances as Pumpkin Spice Oreos). The latest variety sounds as if it, too, might become seasonal: It's Gingerbread Oreos, and it is said to be available only at Target.

Santa flavor

With every holiday there seems to be another flavor in the array of fillings of Russell Stover holiday-shaped candy (Easter eggs, hearts, pumpkins, etc.). The list of this year's Christmas offerings includes peppermint brownie Santas.

Al Sicherman