It's clear that Flip Saunders still holds a special place in Karl-Anthony Towns' life and heart. "I always thank God for Flip Saunders every day for giving me the opportunity to play NBA basketball and for giving me a platform," Towns said Wednesday.


The Twins don't resume play until Friday, but MLB returns to action with a single game Thursday. And wouldn't you know it: It's on TV! Cardinals vs. Cubs, 6 p.m., ESPN.


"The only person who can potentially suffer for what [Josh Hader] tweeted long ago is himself; any reparations that need to be made for his reputation should be solely up to him. He may do it out of remorse, or in the interests of marketability, but it's up to him, not his employer."

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"Have a listen to our podcast from yesterday about our 3-part baseball series. @RandBall @chipscoggins and @JoeCStrib and I talk about where baseball is at and where it might need to go."