Don Lucia won two NCAA titles in 19 years as Gophers men's hockey coach. How you feel about his tenure depends on whether you think winning those titles in Years 3 and 4 set him up for unrealistic expectations in the final 15 seasons.


The NCAA men's basketball tournament resumes Thursday with four Sweet 16 games. The highlight might be underdogs Loyola Chicago vs. Nevada (6 p.m., Ch. 4). One of those teams is going to advance to the Elite Eight.


"Pay up and maybe they will come. The days of candidates lining up for the privilege to coach the mighty Gophers is long gone. Never again can the U of M count on fueling its success by automatically getting the best kids in the state."

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"Lucia on critics:You have to put the blinders on and believe what you're doing. I always tried to do it the right way. Winning is important but going to class is important. Getting good grades and graduating. Our players deserve a lot of credit for how they conduct themselves."