We seem to have become a one-stop clearinghouse for all things related to Brett Favre fan tributes. About six weeks ago, we received a CD containing "The Ballad of Brett Favre," a tribute song. We're still kicking ourselves for not putting it out there for the masses before several others did. Then, it was the story of the billboards in Hattiesburg, Favre's permanent home. For today's paper, we put together a piece on a fan who is taking out a full-page ad in the Hattiesburg American newspaper to thank Favre for his season and hopefully convince him to come back for one more go-round. Vikings fans are literally spending thousands of dollars in their quest to convince No. 4 to return. We still need to ruminate more on the implications of such a concept. In the mean time, here is the latest: A reader saw the full-page ad story and sent this e-mail to us, along with her very own Brett Favre song. Here we go:


My name is Kolette Lind, and I live in Pine City, MN. I wanted to share with you a You Tube link of a song that my husband, John, and I wrote and recorded about Brett Favre called "We Want You Back #4". We are HUGE Vikings fans, and even bigger Brett Favre fans! We were so impressed with the fans who were putting their money in to buy billboards with messages for Brett Favre that we wanted to do something special as well... so we wrote an original song and put it up on You Tube! This song was written for all the fans who hope that he will come back for another season! This past Vikings season was one that we will never forget, and we hope to continue the greatness into the 2010-11 season!

I read your article online today about the Vikings fan who took out an ad in the Hattiesburg paper with a message to Favre, and I thought that I should send you our link. Please feel free to share this link with others. We hope you like it!

Not bad, Kolette, and we love the classic fade-out. Here it is: