Kevin Durant is only 27 years old. But, after Oklahoma City finished its shootaround today at Target Center, he admitted that he feels a little old at times.

It came after Durant talked about how Timberwolves veteran Kevin Garnett was an idol of his, a mentor to him simply by the example Garnett set during his career. Then Durant was reminded that he was going to be going up against Wolves rookie Karl-Anthony Towns tonight, a rookie who grew up idolizing Durant.

“I’ve had a few guys I’ve been knowing since they were younger,” Durant said. “And I’m almost 10 years older than these guys. I’m getting older.’’

Indeed, when he was a freshman at a New Jersey High School, Towns got the opportunity to interview Durant for MSG Varsity network, introducing Durant as one of his basketball idols.

Durant remembers that brief interview.  “I didn’t really know who he was,” Durant said. “I just thought he was another tall guy they wanted to be a good player. You know how that goes. But as I’ve seen him progress? I saw him again in 2012, he played for the Dominican Republic National Team with coach (John Calipari). I saw him there and it kind of shocked me, because I didn’t know he was that good. Once he got to Kentucky, I said, ‘This kid is going to be a hall of famer.’ ‘’

Durant also has crossed paths with Wolves guard Zach LaVine. LaVine spent some time in Oklahoma City during the off-season shooting a shoe commercial. In the ad a pickup game is being played at a playground at night, and Durant is there watching, when a guy goes up for a big dunk that wows Durant and the crowd.

Well, most of it, anyway. There is a quick shot of LaVine, sitting in the stands, reading a book titles “The Funk on Dunk.’’ LaVine, the reigning slam dunk champion, is unimpressed. He shrugs his shoulders and goes back to reading.

“It was cool,’’ LaVine said. “I had a subtle, comic part of it, I thought. So maybe my acting career isn’t as bad as I thought it could be. Hopefully one day I can get a couple lines in there.’’

If you’re interested, here is Towns’ interview:

And here is LaVine’s commercial: