A car slid into the opposite lane on a Stearns County road and collided with an oncoming vehicle in a crash that killed two people in the out-of-control vehicle and severely injured a teenager who had been reported missing from Utah, authorities said.

The wreck occurred shortly after 8 a.m. on County Road 2 near Island Lake Road north of Cold Spring, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A third person in the car that slid was injured and hospitalized at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale in critical condition, the Sheriff’s Office added. The other driver, Sandra M. Hansen, 64, of Cold Spring, also was hospitalized and is expected to survive her injuries.

The people who died were identified as Cody A. Randall, 30, and J.D. Randall, 24, while the person critically hurt was identified as Katie Seegmiller, 15. All were from Washington City, Utah. Cody Randall was Seegmiller’s uncle, and J.D. Randall was the teen’s cousin.

Seegmiller had been missing for more than three weeks and considered a runaway who might be heading to South Dakota, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety. The search took on a sense of urgency because Seegmiller has cystic fibrosis, Utah officials said.

Because both Randalls did not have on their seat belts and were thrown from the car as it rolled into a ditch, “it is unclear who was the driver as both men were ejected, and we were unable to talk to the young woman,” said Sheriff Don Gudmundson.

The sheriff explained that “the road was slick because of overnight frost.”

The Sheriff’s Office had the road closed for more than three hours as the wreckage was removed and investigators pieced together what happened.