– Carrying flowers and votive candles, thousands of Russians paid their final respects Tuesday to the slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, whose body lay at the Sakharov Center here.

Diplomats showed up somberly bearing wreaths, political allies offered eulogies to Nemtsov, who was shot dead Friday in central Moscow, and all the while his mother and children cried softly over his open coffin.

"Sleep in peace, our comrade, your work will be continued," Gennady Gudkov, a former member of parliament and a political ally of Nemtsov's, said at the memorial at the Sakharov Center, a traditional site for opposition politics here.

After the viewing, a funeral procession wound its way through Moscow to a cemetery that was a wintry scene of bare trees and snow, where the family made their last goodbyes and pallbearers lowered Nemtsov into the ground.

His killing was the highest-profile political assassination in Russia during the tenure of President Vladimir Putin, and the sad pageantry of the funeral offered a lens on the state of domestic politics. There was little evidence of a nation coming together in the face of tragedy. Senior Kremlin figures were absent.

New York Times