ST. PAUL, Minn. — Thousands of Minnesota homeowners could be leaving property tax refunds on the table despite Revenue Department efforts urging them to seek checks exceeding $1,000.

A new department report says only about 1 in 4 taxpayers has responded to the Homestead Credit Refund notification letters by filing for the relief. The agency has undertaken other awareness campaigns, too.

The Revenue Department sent 46,456 notification letters and expected 20,000 people to step forward. So far, just shy of 11,000 have claimed refunds averaging $1,333. Homeowners have until August 15 to claim relief for the 2014 property tax year.

As of last week, the state paid out $12 million less in refunds than anticipated.

The report says some people it notified wound up exceeding the household income limit of $107,000 for refund eligibility.