Cinema Burlesque and Social Club/'The Playful Peacock Show'

With her new monthly Cinema Burlesque and Social Club, local burlesque star Ophelia Flame is adding an interactive twist to the saucy art of striptease. The series of film, shopping, socializing and special guests kicks off Friday with Seattle's reigning Queen of Burlesque (according to the Burlesque Hall of Fame), Miss Indigo Blue, and a screening of the documentary "A Wink and a Smile," which features the performer's Academy of Burlesque. Known as much for her teaching as her performance, the "Twirly Girl" herself will offer a tassel-twirling workshop earlier in the evening (5 p.m. Fri., $25, pre-registration required). Then on Saturday, Miss Blue will join the lineup for the Playful Peacock Show alongside Flame, Foxy Tann, Gina Louise and Coco Dupree.

Rockstar Storytellers: Fools!

For anyone who's ever been pranked, fooled or unpleasantly surprised, take solace in knowing you're not alone. Literary-scene troubadours the Rockstar Storytellers are putting their self-deprecating personal experiences of being punk'd to good use for an April Fool's Day edition of their ongoing series. Hosted by smooth-voiced bard Rob Callahan, the lineup features pitiable tales from the ever-animated Joseph Scrimshaw, the foul-mouthed Courtney McLean, the politics-railing Allegra Lingo, Story SlamMN founder Allison Broeren and the "Twilight"-satirizing Tom Reed.