From the Sports Editor's desk

Last week began with news of another Black man killed by a police officer. The week ended with our baseball writer sitting in the Anaheim, Calif., press box covering a postponement. Another week bookended by our dual crises.

In the Sports department, we asked ourselves each day last week, and hundreds of times in the past several months: Where do we fit in today? What role do we need to play today?

Before I write about how we answer those questions, I want to know what you think. When our neighborhoods or our nation are rocked by tragedy, what do you expect out of your morning sports section or online sports coverage? Do you just want sports coverage? A few moments of distraction from tragedies? Or do you want to read how these tragedies are viewed by and handled by those playing sports? Send me an e-mail at and let me know.

Most days, you'll find that we strive for balance, a place in the middle that gives you both some distraction with sports coverage and also presents voices and views on more important issues. We see your "just give me the sports!" messages, and we see your "thank you for writing about that" messages, too. We have those voices in our heads when we make decisions about coverage, volume and our morning sports covers. There have been exceptions, unfortunately, but most days we won't put four stories of COVID trouble and/or racial injustice on our sports front page. And on days when these issues are boiling, we won't put four straight-sports stories on our front page, either.

I'll close by saying that I'm very grateful to have a staff of writers and editors unafraid to take on societal issues in our sports coverage. All of us will keep looking for that balance every day. Seeing opinions from our readers always helps in that, so I hope to hear from you.

Chris Carr, sports editor

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