While most of us only keep a mental tally of everything that has gone wrong in Minnesota sports in the last 20 years or so, I have a Twitter follower who apparently keeps a written list handy.

Will Ragatz, a journalism student at Northwestern University in suburban Chicago and a Twin Cities native, tweeted at me and others after the Vikings NFC title game loss Sunday with a rather lengthy and sad rundown of all the bad things that have happened since the Twins won the World Series in 1991. I retweeted it and about 1,000 people have liked it, so maybe it needs an even wider audience?

Now, it should be noted: plenty of good things have happened in that span of time as well, including four WNBA titles by the Lynx, two NCAA men’s hockey titles by the Gophers as well as countless other championships and playoff runs. But, yeah, the bad things are pretty bad. And they don’t even include college sports! And he left some things off from the pro teams!

Such as it is, if you’re ready for it, here is Will’s list. Feel free to add to it in the comments.

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